Things to Consider when ordering a fake diploma or novelty transcript.

Things to Consider when ordering a fake diploma or novelty transcript.

1. Quality and Authenticity.

Fake Diploma Customer After Buying

Fake Diploma Customer After Buying

Can the service you choose provide a top quality replication? We have the best designer and seal replication expert in the business. Our Fake Diploma or Novelty Transcripts are guaranteed 100% exact as the original. Everything from quality embossing. Thermographed Raised Lettering to Transcripts Security Features and Watermarks.

2. Location of Fake Degree Creation ( Printing Facility ) Our printing facility is a professional printing service in our area. We special also in engraving, but specialize in Novelty and Replication over the internet.

3. Speed of Fake Degree Production. We are the fastest in the industry without sacrificing quality. Most order unless, large or complicated with seal design take only 4 days for production to delivery within the USA. International shipping with take 1-7 depending on the location.

4. Payment Method. We are flexible on payment option, e-mail us and explain your situation and we will be sure to give you the best option for your area. 5. Trust. Our Fake Diploma Samples located on our Samples Page speak for the quality and authentic we offer. Visit our samples page.


Ordering a fake college diploma is easy. Just visit or visit the link above on how to order.
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One Response to Things to Consider when ordering a fake diploma or novelty transcript.

  1. MS says:

    Hi, I was interested in your novelty services. I have a few questions to ask before I purchase.

    My questions are as follow, please answer them all so I have all the.

    1.) Would you be able to offer me a transcript for “Associate in Science Track 2” for the school that you offer the transcript from.
    2.) Would you be able to offer the transcripts with a raised seal on the transcripts with them?
    3.) Would the transcripts be individually sent in envelopes that have the school official seal on each envelope?
    4.) Would you be able to tell me what classes would I have on the transcript?
    5.) Would I be able to change some of those classes into once that I like.
    6.) What is the turn around time?
    7.) Is their anything I need to know about your service or be aware off?
    8.) Are your transcripts looking exactly as the originating schools offer?
    9.) Are the schools transcripts are accredited?
    10.) That all of my questions for the time being. Are their anything else I should be made aware off or any services that you offer that I should be aware off?

    Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you and work with you. You prompt response would be greatly appreciated.

    My best regards.


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