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Verification of the Degree and obtaining any applicable seals. Also includes Printing and Shipping within USA Territory by Registered Express Mail.All International mailings are subject to carrier fees.

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A copy of the College or University’s official accreditation certificate.

To obtain a verification of the qualifications of any candidate person requesting information must call our call center and speak with one of our representatives.Call center number will be provided to all candidates purchasing their credential thru our site.Information is also available thru fax if client request to do so.Any fax will be sent to candidate on file.If you have any additional information you would like us to verify for you as well,please email us with your details and we will make a note on your file.We also provide mail verification upon request, a minimal fee applies to that service. In just seven days you can achieve a verifiable college degree.100% legally verifiable and accredited by our privately accredited College annd University Network entirely via our online service all accreditation can be verified via a hotline we will provide with all our credentials.Since 2001 FakeDiplomaNow.com has literaly helped hundreds of regular folks achieve their verifiable credentials thru us,just like you,who did not have a chance to attain a degree via more traditional methods.Imagine no course,no exams,no studying ever on your behalf.Our system is totally risk free,if we are unable to verify you thru our network we will refund every penny of your hard earned money.Is easy to order just click on the package you woud like and it will forward you to our payment gateway.


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