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For different reasons people want to get novelty degree or buy a college diploma. It may be purely for novelty reasons because they want a fake diploma to play some joke on their friends or they just want to reflect better grades than what they have, so they resort to buying one. So where can you get these novelty diplomas? As with anything these days you can find it on the web. Make a search and you will end up with hundreds of sites that deal with fake diplomas and fake university degrees. Most of these sites will provide one for almost any high school, college or university in the States and even some around the world. Otherwise they will customize according to what the client requires and give a fully customized university transcript. Most of these products are so good that it is impossible to identify them as fakes.

Beware of other fake diploma websites and fake degree websites that offer inferior products! Don’t even take risks with something as important as the diploma you treasure
For added authenticity, our fake diplomas are printed on high-quality parchment paper to match the original documents. Original seals of the school are also raised embossed on the diploma. We use the school real seal and NOT and replacement seal that other faked diploma website offers.

We also use customized safe-security paper on each of our fake transcripts in order to match the original. When Xerox the word “COPY” or “VOID” or “SCHOOL NAME” appears all over the background.

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